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Forever ROD Starring Rob Caudill

C.ex Coffs

People stop Rob Caudill in airports for autographs. They stare at him in restaurants. And when he struts on stage, women scream themselves hoarse. Why? Because Caudill is a dead-on Rod Stewart Impersonator.

He’s got the high-definition jawline, the shock of spiky blonde hair, but most importantly, he has the nose. Vocally, his distinctive, naturally raspy voice sounds like the legendary Stewart, and his range easily nails every high note from Stewart’s younger days Rob travels the world regularly in his role as Rod Stewart, he has also been working with the world-famous Legends in Concert show out of Las Vegas for the past 15 years and claims “I’ve got the greatest job in the world, making a living doing something I love”.

Joining Rob on stage is Ashleigh Toole. Ashleigh made it into the top 12 of Australian Idol in 2009 and wowed the judges. Ashleigh Toole is a unique and rare young performer. Marcia Hines said, “I love your attitude, I just love that bulletproof seventeen year old. It’s fantastic. You’ve got one of the finest, strongest voices I have heard”.

Ashleigh has honed her likeness to Cher. “Cher has many idiosyncrasies that are included in my show,” she said. “It’s a lot of hard work but a lot of fun at the same time.”

Together they create a show that is not to be missed, the very best of Rod and Cher with world-class performers. “…No doubt about it. This is one impersonator that will make you do a double take. He is that good” Joe Walsh of “The Eagles” “…Robs voice and look is unbelievable. It is like looking at Rod Stewart himself” John Entwhistle of “The Who”

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Saturday 7 January
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