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Homelessness is often the result of multiple complex issues causing families and individuals to face crisis situations that leave them physically, psychologically, and financially at risk. Without support, these circumstances can quickly spiral out of control forcing Australians to sleep out in the cold.

The C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out is an annual community event that aims to build awareness of homelessness on the Coffs Coast and raise much needed funds for local charities.

On Wednesday, 14 June 2023, the ninth annual C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out was held at the C.ex Coffs International Stadium. Dedicated community businesses and individuals spent the evening out in the cold experiencing what it is like for many homeless Australians on any given night.

The community support of the sleep out was incredible with donations reaching a staggering $60,000 for our local charities working to combat homelessness.

100% of all funds raised through the event are evenly distributed by the C.ex Community Crew to our chosen 2023 local welfare charities, Bridging the Gap Community Services Inc and Warrina Domestic & Family Violence Specialist Services.

Our 2023 charity recipients, Warrina Domestic and Family Violence Services (left) and Bridging the Gap (right)


The C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out initiative has raised $506,820.88 to date for social welfare charities working to improve the homelessness situation on the Coffs Coast.

On behalf of the C.ex Group and C.ex Community Crew, thank you to all our participants for braving the cold and helping to make a difference in our local community.

We look forward to holding the event again in 2024 and hope you will join us!


Register your interest to hear about the 2024 C.ex Community Crew Sleep Out.


Contact: Kerri Wallace
Community Relations Coordinator
Ph: 0266919267 or email: Kerri.Wallace@cex.com.au

Addressing The Housing and Homelessness Crisis

Addressing the housing and homelessness crisis, Ben Stevenson, HIT 105.5 Coffs Coast Announcer, produced a podcast in 2021 that shed light on the severity of the region’s housing challenges. In the podcast, Ben explored Australia’s tendency to view housing as an investment and wealth-building tool, leading to skyrocketing house prices that have become unattainable for an entire generation of Australians. He also discussed the impact of Airbnb, which has contributed to a scarcity of rental properties in the region, resulting in rising rental prices and additional strain on resources allocated to those at risk of homelessness. You can listen to the ‘The Coffs in Crisis’ Podcast to the right or on the LiSTNR app.




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