CODA Apartments
Coffs Harbour

Introducing Coffs Harbour’s newest residential build in the heart of town.

CODA is the contemporary expression of coastal living with cosmopolitan flair. The beautifully articulated building with natural materials and cascading facade greenery is set to become a new landmark in the heart of Coffs Harbour. More than luxury residences, it is a lifestyle destination that connects Harbour Drive and Vernon Street through an open, landscaped pedestrian laneway with alfresco dining. CODA is the missing piece in Coffs Harbour’s future as a cultural hub.

Coffs Harbour represents the perfect blend of relaxed coastal living and urban convenience and CODA is positioned front and centre of this incredible lifestyle amenity. Pick up your morning coffee at your local, do your week’s shopping or catch up with friends for a delicious dinner, everything is right on your doorstep at CODA.

Visit the CODA Coffs Harbour website for more information

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