The C.ex Group of clubs takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability starts with our team who have worked on developing and implementing environmental sustainability practices around energy, water and waste to reduce expenses, lessen the club’s carbon footprint and to protect the fragile ecological balance of the Coffs Coast.


  • Water waste management practices – reducing water heating and water management.
  • Recycling and landfill program – resulting in an 84% reduction in our wastage or 1.6 tonnes per week. We also adopt a green approach to recycling paper and printing wastage.
  • Building management system – maintains optimum efficient use of energy, heating, water stores and air-conditioning.
  • Reduced chemical usage – upgrading bowling greens to synthetic grass.

The C.ex Group are one of only a handful of Australian organisations to be awarded the prestigious Green Globes & The Department of Environment, Climate & Water’s 10 year achievement certificate in sustainability. We have gained wide industry recognition for our commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices and are a market leader in the area.

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