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Hindley Street Country Club

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The HSCC Journey: From Local Love to Global Acclaim

In just five years, Hindley Street Country Club (HSCC) has evolved from a local favourite into a global sensation, boasting over 1 million fans worldwide. Founded by Constantine Delo, the band’s bass player and leader, HSCC’s journey has been an unplanned adventure marked by organic growth and unexpected success.
The band’s rise to prominence has been remarkable, with zero support from traditional gatekeepers. Instead, their success is rooted in the genuine recommendations of their dedicated fan base, catapulting them from 100 views in Adelaide to an astounding 1 billion views globally.
HSCC’s live performances are a testament to their universal appeal, consistently selling out shows across Australia. Led by Con Delo, HSCC is comprised of seasoned professionals, touring and session musicians esteemed by their peers. Similar to iconic studio bands of the past, HSCC’s musicianship is exceptional, attracting top-tier talent eager to join the musical experience. Their flexibility in assembling the right ensemble for each performance ensures a consistently world-class sound.
The band’s authenticity shines through in their covers, earning praise from industry legends like Christopher Cross, Bill Danoff, and Wesley Wright. HSCC has become a must-see, with testimonials from Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac endorsing their exceptional vocal talent.
As HSCC concludes a successful Australian tour, their sights are set on the global stage. The journey so far has been extraordinary, and the world eagerly awaits more from Hindley Street Country Club.

Don’t miss their amazing live show!

Doors open 3pm – Show starts at 3:45pm

General Tickets – $77

Event Time
Sunday 7 April
Event Price
$70 - $77
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