C.ex Group Members’ Christmas Party 2022

The end of the year is fast approaching. And what better way to celebrate the year that has gone by and Christmas than with the 2022 C.ex Group Members’ Christmas Party!

This is the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family for a spectacular luncheon with fun, great food and amazing entertainment.

Entertainment this year will be brought to you by The Michael Buble Show Starring Mitch Capone!

Mitch Capone pays tribute to Michael Buble in The Michael Buble Show and even the most discerning Buble fan will absolutely fall in love with the awesome style and smooth tone of his voice. Supported by his 7-piece big band, this marriage culminates in a magnificent concert performance like any Michael Buble concert, audiences will be intimately entertained in a close-up and personal mode, like being in your living room.


The Members’ Christmas Party includes a two-course luncheon


Entertainment is by The Michael Buble Show Starring Mitch Capone.

Mitch has a smooth style and oozes charisma and portrays a “cool” Michael Buble with a loveable and comedy aspect. His great looks, infectious personality and great voice never fails to captivate audiences anywhere.


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Date: Friday 2 December 2022
Doors: 1130am
Price: $49.90

Discounts apply for Diamond, Platinum and Gold Members.

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