ANZAC Day 2019

ANZAC Day Schedule at C.ex Coffs

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Respect the Day

Respect the Day is a campaign to remind people of the special significance of ANZAC Day and to encourage Australians to reflect on how we should behave on this sacred day.

ANZAC Day is the day that we, as Australians, have the opportunity to pause and reflect upon the sacrifice made by those who have fought to defend our freedom and values. The massive loss of life on the shores of Gallipoli on the 25th of April 1915 symbolises the sacrifices made by our defence personnel in all theatres of conflict, and it is for this reason that ANZAC Day is so important. It is a time to reflect as a nation on our values, and our traditions, and to show our appreciation for those who gave everything to protect our way of life. With this in mind, we are urging people to remember the importance of ANZAC Day, and what it stands for.

Mateship is one of our proudest Australian values. Having a drink and a punt; and, celebrating our traditions with your mates is a great way to honour our Diggers. However, if we are genuine about remembering their sacrifice, we should do so respectfully, and responsibly. It’s a day to celebrate everything that unites us as a nation, and to remember all of those who fought so hard to preserve and protect all that we hold dear.

Respect the Day has four call to action points, Celebrate Our Freedoms, Remember their Sacrifice, Honour Our Traditions and Look After Your Mates.

ANZAC Day is about mateship, respect, loyalty and freedom and the acknowledgement that war is terrible, but our way of life is worth fighting for. Remember them…Respect the Day.


We will remember them.


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